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Media Buying

As a media buyer, Star Media bridges the gap between organisations and media owners by structuring an effective marketing campaign based on our clients’ specific needs and matching these requirements to the services provided by the various media owners. This is done in a manner that is most cost effective to maximise the return on investment for our customers.

Media Planning and Execution

As the heading indicates, we “plan” media campaigns – we structure a proposal to suit your needs and the available options. We combine industry knowledge and experience with intensive research to provide a well-structured media plan. And all of this is done at a competitive rate and with the clients’ brand and business goals in sight.

Media Platforms


Television advertising is a proven form of communication in terms of achieving marketing objectives and business goals.


Every radio station’s programming mix has been designed to meet the needs, wants and preferences of a specific audience.


Print advertising is a popular form of advertising due to its reach and ability to target a specific demographic.


Outdoor media includes billboards, street pole ads and static structures, amongst other things.

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