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Our Process


How we create our Excellent Web Design...

Our main aim of web site design is to create a singular and charming environment that facilitates a visitor’s extended stay on a given web page.

Websites that don’t properly brand themselves and clearly display details about their services and products by way of the format of their website will keep a decreased quantity of visitors than those whom have put effort into the creation of their website.

Start Your Website

In order to create an excellent website design we need to perfectly plan out the image the client wants to present to the online world. That image needs to be clear, concise and visitors to the web site must have a clear understanding of where they are instantly. Once we have the insight into the vision our clients want, we can then create a consistent and strong representation for the company, displaying it in the best possible light.

Lets Get Serious

Once we have a firm grasp of who your target audience is we can then start with the actual design process. Once again planning is critical. We discuss the layout, colour schemes and functionality of the website with you.

Design Process

You should have a clear idea of the content you want to create on the website. Content on a website is a crucial factor in determining what your site is all about. Site visitors and search engines need to see good content in a technically correct manner. Good content helps your website rank better in Search Engines giving you more targeted visitors to your website.

Sit Back and Relax

Once the layout and design of the website is complete you will be informed and asked to review the website to ensure all your design specifications are met. Clients will be given a 5 day review period to make any necessary changes to the website