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Search Engine Optimization

Designing your website is the first step in creating an Online Image for yourself or your business, but just having a website doesn’t ensure it’s visibility to the online world.

Why do you need SEO?

46% of shoppers report using their mobile phones to research local products and services. All websites designed by Avalanche Web Studio come Mobile Responsive right out of the box ensuring your users can find you with ease regardless of the device the use.

A 3rd of traffic from Google’s organic search results go to the first listed item stressing the importance of ranking high up on Google’s search engine.

63% of people who own mobile phones use their phones to access the internet. Our great SEO packages will put your site in complete control
of the search engines.

Web Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media

If you happen to only concentrate on the design of your website and nothing else, you’ll have an attractive web page that is hard to be discovered online. In case you only concentrate on search engine marketing and nothing else, your site could also be friendlier to web robots at Google than it is to your website online visitors, which may harm your conversion rate.

When you only deal with social media and nothing else, you might not get the return on investment you’re in search of. Web design, search engine optimization, and social media are three essential parts of a successful Web promoting technique.

If you would like visitors to search for you, you want excellent search engine optimization. If you’d like them to contact you or buy from your web site, you want nice web design. If you wish to create numerous word of mouth recognition or implement a viral advertising and marketing campaign, social media might be instrumental for you.

One thing to note with regards to SEO is that one size does not fit all. Although there could be a lot of buzz surrounding social media it may not work for your particular business. This is why we always start of in reviewing the goals of your business.